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Control Display In Show Room

1 . System overview (1) One way broadcast can not be interactive or independent touch inquiry without intervention, all affect the effect of the actual communication; (2)Coordinated control sho

Smart Display Application For School Class

(1)System overview Application on the basis of the first kind of application development, meet the campus digital identification, information release, notifications, notices, and so on many kinds of

4S Cars Store

It is many breakthrough / revolutionary / key technology integration scheme, is a multimedia display equipment and information release system / interaction system were applied organic

Smart Media Operation Solution

Smart media operations mainly in the large scale (a large number of terminals, such as thousands or even tens of thousands) of information released by the standard application or integration,

Commercial Chain Operation

Application: chain stores, chain supermarkets, all kinds of chain stores (such as jewelry, beauty, hairdressing &, travel agency, brand clothing, electrical counter).

Enterprise Media Application

Today's information explosion, effective / fast / accurate delivery, for business or school or government and other enterprises and institutions, more important than any time.