—— Why us ——

Rich Experience in LCD products

Since its establishment, iLINGXI has been committed to the R&D of LCD products, and has mature product solutions in LCD consumer products and commercial products.

Develop LCD Products as Required

ILINGXI not only provides standardized products, but also has the ability to develop related LCD display products or develop related functions according to your needs. For example, we have successfully developed and produced customized products for many foreign companies, thereby reducing a large number of import duties.

Wide Service Network

iLINGXI can provide nationwide warranty services in China, and in other countries with our branches, we can also provide local services

Diverse Cooperation Modes

You can buy completed products from or parts products from ILINGXI. For some products, ILINGXI can provide a full set of technical solution output. At the same time, we also welcome cross-industry cooperation to develop new products.