—— Recruitment ——

E-commerce operator

1. Familiar with taobao's operating environment and transaction rules; 2. Familiar with various marketing tools of taobao and proficient in network promotion; 3. Familiar with taobao through train and taobao promotion skills; 4. Familiar with the status and available resources of taobao communities;

Domestic Sales

1. Responsible for product channel development; 2. Responsible for achieving sales targets; 3. Responsible for external customer management (including self-management and agency channels).

Export Sales

1. College degree or above, cet-4 or above, major in international trade is preferred;
2. Proficient in computer operation;
3. It is better to have made LCD TV sets and audio electronic products;
4. Have good business development ability and online negotiation skills, have strong professionalism, team spirit and independent ability to do things, and have the courage to explore and innovate.


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