4S Cars Store

It is many breakthrough / revolutionary / key technology integration scheme, is a multimedia display equipment and information release system / interaction system were applied organic combination and products, can help car manufacturers and 4S shop to make breakthroughs in the following aspects:


HD Commercial Display Large Screen

After entering the automobile 4S shop showroom first Yingru eye is the atmosphere of high-end, large screen, high definition, scrolling screen vertical LCD advertising machine, playback screen: brand advertising / preferential policies / Cheyou activities / tips, to attract the eye, a warm harbor, excite customers desire to buy!

In Each Model Next To The Car 3D 3D Interactive Display PAD

1,Experience is king: Car 3D three-dimensional interactive display pad can allow customers a more intuitive understanding of the vehicle performance, parameter, interior, and with the help of the shock of the pad, depending on the, 3D effects, customer immersive, so as to stimulate the desire to buy, (with the assistance of sales).

2, sticky full: customers more, no surplus staff reception, at this time can guide customers to understand from the big PAD, experience, so retain customers, but also for the sales staff to fight for time, (as a sales staff, save personnel expenses).


Interactive Experience PAD

Business and leisure area mainly to old customers and VIP customers, in car maintenance / Beauty / repair and the automobile refit period, joining a club activities, have to in this area waiting, negotiate, aggregation, interactive commercial pad placed in this area, the screen is divided into two functional areas: one for customers with scan code WiFi / car information query / vehicle violation query / second-hand car trading / Auto micro channel analysis entertainment and game; the player car brand advertising /4S shop preferential policies.