Smart Media Operation Solution

Smart media operations mainly in the large scale (a large number of terminals, such as thousands or even tens of thousands) of information released by the standard application or integration, mainly for advertising media class, large commercial chain, such as the application.

1 . System description

Expand the application on the basis of general information, to meet the application requirements and application characteristics of the industry, and provide the software function module customized services or multi service integration services.


2 . Expansion of system application scale

  (1) Mainly for large scale operation system, support large-scale terminal load, large data concurrency; cross regional deployment network.

  (2) Deployment or deployment (load balancing) or cloud services.

  The system architecture diagram is as follows:


3 . Security system

(1)Server hot standby mechanism:

● RAID1 scheme can be used on the server disk image backup;

● Database and files can be used as a backup server;

(2)Network security mechanism

● Protocol processing restrictions: the communication command format is a private definition format; the system handles only the legal instructions;

● Terminal authentication communication: terminal only with the portal server communication, the terminal uses MAC address authentication, and other information on the comparison, in order to verify the legal status of the terminal;

(3)Terminal security mechanism

● Material encryption: the terminal skipping does not play the non encrypted material; the material encoding format specifies a fixed mode, without the system specified format skip not play.

● The specified terminal must be broadcast playback: playing according to program content, or black;

● Encryption programs: a single program content encryption. Bin files, do not use plain text mode, thereby preventing in deciphering the material broadcast encryption;

● Specifies the download mode: the terminal must have a workstation to issue a special instruction, to the specified material server to download material, so as to ensure the material in the network transmission process;

● Play monitoring: the station can monitor the content of the terminal through the network.

● System alarm: system alarm mechanism and automatic rule out management.