Commercial Chain Operation

Application: chain stores, chain supermarkets, all kinds of chain stores (such as jewelry, beauty, hairdressing &, travel agency, brand clothing, electrical counter).

Application area and presentation content:

1 chain store area: the direct purchase of customers, mainly introduces the company image, product advantages and characteristics, new listing promotion, promotional advertising, membership promotion program, etc.;

2. chain store TV wall area: to promote the company image, and consider publicity best-selling products share, unified marketing program, new listing publicity, plays the role of potential customers psychological shock;

3. the price of goods area: the main display of promotional price information, gifts, membership promotions, new product promotion and other information;

4. The cashier counter area: due to customers in the cashier's contributions have certain queuing and waiting time, can play some practice shorter product promotions and corporate image advertising etc.

User characteristics:

1 chain operations of similar products, the chain stores all over the various regions, and with the headquarters of the existence of a considerable space distance;

2 corporate image and product promotion by the headquarters of the unified management and external publicity;

3. In addition to making commercials show company image and products, also need to display promotional information and other dynamic information, such as weather, stock, foreign exchange quotations, the price of gold and so on;

. from time to time according to need centralized management and control release new information, or various chain stores can also according to their own needs (such as promotion, pricing, etc) of some play area of program content editing and program updates.

Achieve goal:

1 play brand advertising, enhance corporate image

2 beautify the service environment, improve customer experience

3 play product advertising, improve sales performance

4 release promotion information, improve the promotion effect

5 long-distance training teaching, reduce the training cost

System composition:

Good network horizon commercial chain information release system by multimedia information release system chain commercial version, multimedia playing controller, a display terminal form (including multimedia playback controller and display terminal can be split type structure, can also is the integration of structural)


Functional characteristics:

1.By replacing the original static advertising posters, solve the chain store poster posted caused the walls of pollution and messy problems, through video and sound + beautiful pictures + promotional subtitle better advertising publicity corporate image and product promotion; displaying the different information on the same screen on the display terminal, it can not only improve the efficiency of advertising, but also enrich the content of the display. A display terminal of the entire screen can be divided into 8 zones:

● Countdown area: the key events can be inverted time display

● Time zone: real-time display, convenient customer

● Weather area: according to the need to dynamically display the weather

● Text area: large blocks of text up and down rolling, not only on the 5 play area of the video to do notes, but also can display the product features

● Main video player area; implementation of dynamic, multi content, multi theme display screen

● Scroll area: update promotion information or other tips

● The picture display area: exquisite pictures of merchandise display, can display real-time stock information, foreign exchange rate, the price of gold and silver

● WEB web page

3. Group management, flexible authorization

(1)The display terminal can be divided into each group display terminal set different play content and play schedule.

In the apparel industry as an example, according to different regional difference, if in Harbin City store playback time is set to 8:00 - 21:00, Urumqi store playback time is set to 10:00 -- 23:00; according to the different regional audience, set men's group anchor zone play advertising men's clothing, women's group anchor zone play women's advertising.

(2)Administrator permissions can be set, the different levels of access can only be for a specific group, play area for operation. And you can set up the operation of the approval process, by the competent personnel to play the program approval.

4. Powerful program editing and sharing function, elegant propaganda films

5. Automatic program release and remote terminal management

The use of the network can be automatically program and program order information onto the chain of remote network video player hard disk, the system can real-time remote monitoring of chain stores the current situation of playing, interception of the screen, thus effectively on the front of the network video player for maintenance and management.

System characteristics:

1. Network publishing, content update fast

Basically at the level of headquarters management, only need to a person can very quickly and easily planning update management of thousands of stores play + front end display; changed the traditional by CD or USB disk pointwise update broadcast way, eliminates the content transfer, multi version content management complex mode of operation. Through any computer to remote login system, the release of the broadcast content and the change management plan, greatly saving manpower and material resources. At the same time, the management center of all aspects of the terminal operation information well, greatly improve the speed of system maintenance.

2. The system is easy to install, remove the client to maintain the workload

The system uses the B / s system architecture, for multimedia publishing system, the use of staff is concerned, do not need to install client software, as long as the network can log on to the server via the browser program production, editing and management system.

  3. The embedded media playing system can effectively prevent the virus from invading, and greatly reduce the workload of daily maintenance of the network video player.

Internet video player based on Linux system, and x86 system comparison, because the software is closed, and curing in the flash memory, to avoid the risk of virus infection, so unlike x86 systems that need to in each chain stores and arrange for micro machine daily maintenance.

  4. Interface middleware is rich

For different applications, can according to customer needs and development of different middleware, to customers and achieve the original information system database interface, which can achieve some of the key data (such as automatic updating of product inventory, real-time logistics information, information of price adjustment, promotional information) for sales of the company's products provide concrete and effective service.